A fangirl is someone who idolize and enthusiastically support someone or something.  They support their idol wholeheartedly and devote their time and effort to them. A fangirl is someone you can admire because of their dedication to support their favorite artist. Most of the time, fangirls are misunderstood as stalkers because of their dying love for their idols, but in reality, they are the most lovable and adorable type of people. Why? Because they are so appreciative even though they don’t personally know their idols, but they still support and patronize them.

There are different types of fangirl:

Here are some:

The lowkey fangirl– Someone who quietly support their idols and hiding their identity so other people wouldn’t know who she is.tumblr_nyds8jshtn1rfwx2ro1_500The SNS fangirl- Fangirls that you can see posting about their favorites on any social media platforms.fangirl1

The active fangirl- Types of fangirl that handles SNS pages for their idols and posting real time situation of their favorites. They also know the schedules of their favorites.aid1730224-728px-be-a-fangirl-step-3-version-2

The warrior fangirl- Fangirls that fight for their idols. When someone criticize, and bash their idols, they are always to the rescue.tumblr_mnlvhwyu3e1rw5s69o1_500

The rich kids- Fangirls that are rich enough to buy albums and merchandise of their favorite idols. These fangirls are also the type that can afford VIP and meet & greet tickets to the concerts.tumblr_inline_n5w6oqavx01qfo293


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